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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cabuches, anyone?

This morning began with mass celebrated by Father Adolfo Nicolás, Superior General of the Society of Jesus. A local children’s choir sang for the service. The children were delightful, joyful, and talented. I recorded them, but my recording does not do them justice.

The day ended with a lovely dinner in an historic building in Mexico City. I am surprised by how European Mexico City looks and feels. For some reason, I thought the city would feel more like the U.S., but, apparently, history has an impact. :)

In between, we listened to many speakers in large and small group settings.

Tonight, as I reflect on the day, I find myself thinking about the term “intellectual apostolate,” a phrase that emphasizes the idea that Jesuit work should be done intelligently. One of the papers we read in preparation for the conference asks us to consider several questions, including these two, which are especially relevant regarding my work here with a small group considering ecology & sustainability: (1) how can my intellectual work contribute to a more humane, just and sustainable globe, and (2) how can I relate to and work more constructively with persons of other disciplines so that together we may contribute to a more human, just and sustainable globe?

I am meeting many wonderful professors and administrators. For instance, so far, I have had the opportunity to talk with the Presidents from: Fairfield University, John Carroll University, St. Louis University, Canicius College, College of the Holy Cross, Seattle University, Georgetown University, and the new interim President of Wheeling Jesuit University, who is a nun (a woman in charge!).

I’ve posted a photo of cabuches in puff pastry. Wish I could tell you what “cabuches” are but, even after exploring Google, I still can’t tell you exactly.

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  1. Cabuches are so good but hard to find !http://www.flickr.com/photos/marcus-aurelius/4473824574/

    i hope you can translate it .